I had set an intention for myself that during 2017 I would ‘step outside of my comfort zone’.  How I was going to achieve that I did not yet know.  However, just out of the 2017-gate an opportunity presented itself . I was invited by Dr. Michael Finkelstein, the Slow Medicine Doctor, to be a guest on his radio talk show.  A little nerve wracking yes, but fun.  We talked about how gardening feeds and nurtures us — mind, body and soul.  We talked about the SunRaven Garden Co-Op, a holistic and experiential garden and farming experience that I am so excited to be part of, and I had the chance to talk about my flower and herb farm at Sweet Earth.  In particular, how it is part of the slow flowers movement and how it is a natural extension of my work in sustainable gardening and a manifestation of my passion.  Have a listen.  Slow Medicine Radio: Gardening for Health