contact us

You can reach us by:

name.    xenia d’ambrosi

phone.    914.703.5509



4 thoughts on “contact us”

  1. mldurivage said:

    Hi Xenia:

    I was searching the ASCFG website and found your name. I live in Katonah and would love to meet with you to discuss the prospect of working with you. I started a business 2 years ago called Garden Sitters, but my partner is moving to Belize to live and practice permaculture! I am quite restless and frustrated because I am no longer working in the garden and I live in an apt. in town where all is concrete. I have tried to connect with local flower growers, but they are few and far between. Other background includes volunteering at Bedford Audubon garden and a bit at Stone Barns. I wrote my thesis on using the garden as a resource for teaching literacy to ESL students. Would you like to meet and discuss possibilities? I am available M-F, 10-2.

  2. Attempted to reply to your email to me but your “mailbox is full”.

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