kitchen & herb gardens

Vegetable garden, herb garden, backdoor garden, potager, even planters and juicing containers– these can all describe the kitchen garden which combines vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers cultivated to meet your family’s food and nutritional needs.

Whatever your choice of style or design, and whether small or large, it all begins with the soil.  Building and supporting soil life is the key to healthy plants, which means plants with higher nutrient levels, better flavor and longer shelf life.

My services include consultation regarding form and function—what do you envision and what uses should your garden provide.  I will help with site location, design, soil testing and amendment, planting, seasonal schedules and harvesting.

Whether you are planning on creating a new garden or expanding, renovating and revitalizing your existing garden, I will partner with you to make your plans a reality, provide coaching and advice and even help maintain your kitchen garden.


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