• Listen to Xenia’s interview “Gardening for Health” on Slow Medicine Radio with Dr. Michael Finkelstein. Highlights include a discussion on the many benefits of gardening, a look at the SunRaven Garden Co-Op Program, and the slow flowers movement supported at Sweet Earth Flower & Herb Farm.  Slow Medicine Radio: Gardening for Health
  • Sweet Earth Co. Honoree in 2016 Morris Media Green Awards.  I’m very proud to announce that Sweet Earth Co. has once again received a wonderful honor in recognition of our work in the area of sustainable landscaping design and management. Morris Media Group announced the winners of their third annual Green Awards.  Four winners along with Honorable Mention honorees that includes Sweet Earth Co. were selected for their efforts in the local fight to protect the environment while also creating a sustainable social and economic community. The winners and honorees were nominated by their community and selected by a distinguished panel of judges. Morris Media’s press release provides more information. Please join me in congratulating all fellow winners and share this post so more people can support green businesses that make a difference in our community. Thank you for your support and for nominating us.

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